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Multi-awarded celebrity French Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli inside SimplyFoods2Go Horse Box catering trailer with our Filipino Chef.

Customers queue for orders.

Taste of Filipino foods in Oxford.

We met people who had been to other parts of East Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hongkong, Vietnam, Singapore and China and they are familiar with the food from these places. But what they are missing out, unbeknownst to them, are Filipino foods that the Philippines or a Filipino caterer can offer.

Our special Empanadas with various fillings, Steamed Dumplings with a choice of sweet chilli or hot chilli sauce, special juicy steamed Buns filled with Roast Pork, Roast Chicken or Veggies and meat balls will truly give you a treat of what you can certainly eat and taste when in Manila. Not to miss out the Filipino favourite and hot menu with the likes of ‘Adobo’, ‘Bicol Express’, ‘Sisig’ and Chicken Curry. Manila is very cosmopolitan. You can find famous and well established food shops and restaurants that are both local and foreign originating cooking and serving food to your cravings and satisfaction. Historically, the country had been ruled and occupied by different nations. And with their influence and that of the early traders the country has produced fusion foods that have been well liked and endeared to both the locals and visitors.

Now as a precursor of what food you can find in the Philippines you need not go to the Philippines as you can find and try some of them at SimplyFoods2Go in Oxford. It’s a Taste of Filipino and a taste of oriental from local produce where possible.