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Filipino Fusion Food

Horse Box Catering Trailer

Savor the unique flavor of Filipino Fusion ​Foods with SimplyFoods2Go, your go to food ​Horse Box or Caterpod Catering trailer for ​delicious meals. From Appetizer to their ​Main and then Dessert - we got you ​covered.


Taste the Filipino Fusion Delights


Steamed Dumplings and spring rolls drizzled with soy, sweet chili or hot chili sauce – they are great ​appetizers that will always delight your palate and get you ready for the main cuisine.


Try the regular menu of Noodles or Rice (steamed or Egg ​Fried) topped with Chicken Curry or Teriyaki with ​edamame, Chicken Katsu-Curry, Beef Pepper Steak or ​Pork Adobo. And if you are lucky enough, you can try the ​amazing ‘something different or something special dish’ ​every feast or catering before it runs out on the day. Plus ​many more.


Beef, Chicken or Veggie

cooked in olive oil, herbs and ​spices, wrapped in a tortilla with ​guacamole, salsa, sour cream and ​cheese then grilled 'til toasted.

Or you would not like to miss the QUESADILLAS .......

Oh yes, they might be messy but definitely yummy! ​Guaranteed!


Autumn Themed Linocut Square Frame
Autumn Themed Linocut Square Frame


It’s delicious and definitely melts in the mouth with various ​fillings/flavours.

Autumn Themed Linocut Square Frame
Autumn Themed Linocut Square Frame


Will let the doughnuts speak for themselves.

Filipino Fusion Ice Cream. Guess you have tried different ice cream ​flavors but why not check out and satisfy your cravings with their ​Filipino ice cream twist:

Ube, Mango, Jackfruit and Buko Pandan. Available during the summer season.

And if you only like something light yet ​tasty, try our Empanadas with various ​fillings: Spicy Beef, Roast Pork, Chicken ​Regular, Chicken Curry, Potato-Cheese ​and Spinach-Mushroom-Ricotta.

From Our Community

From Our Community

Riz, SF2go regular since ​2015

SIMPLYFOODS2GO is a huge part ​of my life. The staff feels like ​family, and they know just how I ​like my meal -and my snack fix!

Lex, new in town

I stumbled upon SIMPLYFOODS ​when I was exploring my new ​neighborhood. Everyone was so ​friendly, and the food was delish!

Brenda, lives around the ​corner

So glad to have a SIMPLYFOODS ​truck all in one and nearby! ​Comfort food in a comforting ​atmosphere -need I say more?


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